Crossing Patrol Person

(Wednesday 23rd September 2020)

Oxfordshire County Council are looking to employ a Crossing Patrol Person for our school, please contact Sian Gibbons on 07867 467794 or email sian.gibbons@oxfordshire.gov.uk to find out more details.




Job Title: School Crossing Patrol Officer

Service: Transport

Team: Road Safety

Grade: 2

Hours: 7.5 per week

Job Type: Permanent

Responsible to: School Crossing Patrol Manager

Job Purpose

To provide a good level of customer service.

To provide assistance to school children and others to cross safely over the road.

To provide a caring, authoritative and assertive approach to all members of the public

To provide a safe place for children and members of the public to cross the road by rapidly assessing complex traffic situation.

To be prepared to attend Magistrates Court and give evidence, if required to do so.

To deal with problems and complaints efficiently and calmly.

To provide your Line Manager with information in connection with any incident or accident.

To provide clear instructions to people crossing the road.

Wear all the appropriate clothing supplied, in the correct manner, in order to comply with Health and Safety Regulations and to be visible and tidy at all times.

To ensure enough stopping time is given to drivers before stepping out into the road.

It may be necessary to change your hours in line with School requirements.

For all staff– You have specific responsibilities under Health & Safety legislation to ensure that you:

  • Take reasonable care for your own health and safety, and that of others affected by what you do, or do not do
  • Cooperate on all issues involving health and safety
  • Use work items provided for you correctly, in accordance with training and instructions
  • Do not interfere with or misuse anything provided for your health, safety or welfare
  • Report any health and safety concerns to your line manager as soon as practicable


The duties of this post may vary from time to time, without changing the general character of the duties or level of responsibilities.

Selection Criteria

Directorate: Environment and Economy

Job Title: School Crossing Patrol Officer

Job Ref. No: SCPO1

Grade: 2


  • Possession of good customer service skills
  • Ability to assess complex traffic situations
  • Ability to be assertive
  • Ability to stay calm in difficult situations
  • Ability to understand the safety of crossing a road
  • Ability to keep uniform & sign clean
  • Confident in dealing with people
  • Caring Approach
  • Approachable
  • Willingness to wear a uniform at all times whilst on duty


  • Knowledge of how to give instructions clearly
  • Experience of dealing with children
  • Experience or knowledge of dealing with difficult people


Applications close: Thursday 17th December 2020