January 15th 2021

Theme of the Term: Empathy


Dear Parents and Carers,


Let me first commend you on all the work that is coming in, well done! As a school we are expected by the Department of Education to set a minimum amount of work per week for KS1 (Years 1-2) and KS2 (Years 3-6), this is the expectation set for the school, not the amount you need to complete at home. If you are finding that the work set is achievable for you, keep going. If for whatever reason (and there will be many) you are not managing to complete all the work, do not worry. Let us know and your teacher can guide you to what she thinks is important for your child to work towards. I know that you are all working under very different circumstances, the most important thing here is the wellbeing of our families! Ring us or message the teachers through SeeSaw if you need anything.


Live Online Sessions
We are trialling live sessions with the children. Yesterday the Reception children joined the teachers for a sing a long and storytelling session. Years 3-4 will be having a live session on Tuesday afternoon looking at wellbeing. We will be rolling out more live sessions as the weeks continue.


In School Provision
Emails went out today allocating in-school places for Critical Workers for the rest of this term (Term 3). Please check your inboxes.


Application for Reception Places
The closing date is this Friday, the 15th January. Today! It is extremely important for parents to make an on-time application for children born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017. Late applications are considered in the 2nd Allocation round in May and parents could be less likely to receive an offer for the preferred school as all places may have been filled with on-time applications.


A Message from the Prayer for School Group
We met on Saturday 9th via Zoom...
As we are in a Tier 5 and with the school having to provide online support, it felt really key to be able to hold our school, staff, parents and pupils in prayer...


We prayed the following:
For the families who are now home schooling. We pray that they would not feel overwhelmed or over stressed by the situation. We pray for emotional strength and for patience as families are at home full time and adjusting to this change. We pray for those children who miss their friends and the social side of school, please be with them.
• For the children that are in school, we pray for their safety. We pray for protection for the school and all those that work there. We pray that the children would adapt to new routines and structures as the staff manage teaching and online school support.
• For all the staff as they try to manage, juggle and provide different learning for different groups; the different stresses and strains that causes. We pray that you would be with them. We prayed for Mrs Maunoury and Miss Brown as they return to work this term... and what a term! We pray that they would feel safe and adapt to new ways of working as well as coping with very small children at home.
• For Mr Rubba, that he would have energy and strength to lead the school through this challenging time; leading the staff as well as supporting families. We pray that he would be able to rest and recuperate at weekends and protect his mental and emotional health. May he feel supported and encouraged along with all the staff in their different roles.
• For the front-line key worker parents. We pray especially for their protection. We are so grateful for them and for the work that they are doing. We pray for emotional strength and resilience in the face of very challenging situations.
• For Rev'd Geoffrey Clement. We pray for wisdom for him as he tries to support the school spiritually. We prayed for imaginative and creative ways of sharing Your peace, love and hope in the school.
We hope to meet again via zoom. Date to be arranged.
In the meantime, if you have a school topic that you would like to be prayed for or to join the meeting please contact Jo Barham or Jenny Miller
davidandjobarham@gmail.com or steve-jen@live.co.uk


Please look after yourselves, each other and our school community. Thank you for your continuing support.


Joseph Rubba
Wychwood CE Primary School