Shine as Lights in the World- Philippians 2.15

January 14th 2022


Dear Parents and Carers,

Covid Cases
Following on from the Covid letter to Parents sent out on Wednesday. We have had additional cases in the school. They are as follows- 3 cases in Sycamore, 2 cases in Elm, 1 in Ash, Oak and Rowan. As of Monday, any new cases will need to isolate for at least 5 days with testing to begin on day 5, followed by another test on day 6. If both are negative, your child can return to school on day 6. This does not apply to any current cases. If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Road Works
We have been informed by letter that Milton Road will be closed on Friday January 21st from 9:30-3:30. I do not have any more information than that, we will try to find out more, but be prepared for road disruptions on that day.

After School Football Club
After school football clubs start next week. Wednesday is for Years 1-3; Thursday is for Years 4-6, and Fridays will be for girl’s football.

Year 4 Residential
We are hoping to introduce the Year 4 Residential this summer. We are planning to stay at Blenheim Woods for two nights and three days. Look out for a letter next week for more information.

News for the Eco Council
The Eco Council have been very busy preparing an assembly to launch our new eco award. The eco councillors are keen to make sure that all children, staff and parents are making eco-friendly choices and so they have decided to launch an awards system. In their assembly, they shared lots of different ways children and staff can make choices that will help the environment. Each class now has a nominations box and staff and the eco councillors can nominate children they have seen being eco-friendly. At the end of each term, we will be bringing these to our celebration assembly to select a winner from each class. Remember, if we all make small changes, it can make a big difference!

Prayer for School Group
The Prayer for School Group met on Thursday 13.01.2022. If you would like to pray for the school, here are the topics we shared:
• We are thankful for the staff who support the school in all aspects of school life: cooking, cleaning, administration, and teaching. We are grateful for their dedication. We pray for them as they continue to have to remain flexible and as they adapt to changing situations. Please protect them, lift their spirits, renew their energy, and help us to encourage them all.
• We pray for staff as they isolate or juggle their roles to cover others. Please protect them, may there be no serious illness.
• For the Governors, we pray for wisdom as they continue to support Mr Rubba with navigating Government changes and try to keep the school safe and open. We pray that they would have the extra vitality and have the capacity to be able to support areas of school life that may have had to have been 'on hold' due to the circumstances.
• We pray for the school vacancies that are advertised. Please be with those who are interviewing, and we pray that the interviews would go well.
• For families that are worried about heating charges or other struggles at the moment. Please help us as a school community to be sensitive to those around us. We pray that they would be able to find help and support. For those who are anxious, we pray for peace….
• For Y6, we pray that they would enjoy their final year. That they would feel ready to move on to new settings when the time comes.
• As Open the Book is back to being filmed for the children, we pray that the children would still know that they are treasured and valued and that as God’s word is shared, that there would be a fresh understanding of His love as we move towards Easter.
If you would like to give us areas of school life to pray about please contact Jenny Miller on steve-jen@live.co.uk or Jo Barham on davidandjobarham@gmail.com We meet for 30 minutes once a half term, socially distanced. For more information about this group, please use the contact details above.

Birthday Book Donations
Happy Birthday to Lenie and Evie (Ash), Ophelia, George and Charlotte (Oak), Samuel (Elm) and Mia (Chestnut). Thank you for donating a book to your class. We hope you have a special day! If you would like to donate a book, please collect a donation sticker from the school office.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Joseph Rubba
Wychwood CE Primary School