Leave of Absence

Head teachers can only grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances. Parents submitting the request will need to provide sufficient information/evidence to support this. The request for leave must come from a parent with whom the child normally resides.

If a child then stays away from school for more than the authorised period, this must be recorded as unauthorised absence and could be quoted in a prosecution for poor attendance.

If the child is away from school for a total of four weeks or more, the school may have the option to take the child off roll subject to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006.

In the case of unexpected extended absence, it is advisable that the parent fully informs the school as to the reasons. If a child is removed from roll, there is no guarantee that the child will regain a place at the school.

Examples of absence from school that will not be authorised:

 Any type of shopping
 Looking after siblings or unwell parents
 Minding the house
 Birthdays
 Resting after a late night
 Relatives visiting or visiting relatives
 Holidays cheaper in term time