Woodworking in Foundation Stage

We have had a busy term in Foundation Stage. The warmer weather has meant that we can open up our outdoor woodwork area again. As well as our outdoor area, we also have our indoor creative space where we can use the glue gun. Using real tools such as saws and hammers helps the children to develop lots of confidence. It is great for resilience too as well as helping us to developing our fine and gross motor skills. 

Have a look below to see some of our fantastic creations. We have had cats, rockets, bunnies and houses. Which one is your favourite? 


Woodwork 18

Woodwork 26

Woodwork 25

Woodwork 24

Woodwork 21

Woodwork 19

Woodwork 17

Woodwork 16

Woodwork 14

Woodwork 13

Woodwork 12

Woodwork 11

Woodwork 10

Woodwork 9

Woodwork 8

Woodwork 7

Woodwork 5

Woodwork 4

Woodwork 3

Woodwork 2

Woodwork 1