What a busy couple of weeks for Year 5!

Over the past couple of weeks we have been very busy. We went to Burford to perform at the KS2 partnership Music Festival. It was very hot but we were pleased with our performance. We also went to an Enrichment Day, again at Burford. We took part in lessons and the D & T lessons were really fun because we made our own mugs, clocks, bookmarks or cupcakes. We've also visited the Pitt Rivers museum where we looked at Evolution and the Dinosaurs. We did an amazing iPad trail with Steve Backshore. Over the past couple of weeks we have also been practising for our cycling proficiency awards. It was hard cycling in the rain and then extreme heat but we all worked very hard. Finally we also had a very sporty Athletics day at Burford, where we got to experience lots of different sports with our partnership schools. We've been making lots of new friends!

Gracie and Maisie.