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River 11

Year 3 and 4 Geography River Field Trip

18th May 2023

Elm, Maple and Oak classes have enjoyed two geography field trips this term. We visited the Littlestock Brook and the River Evenlode, testing the water for phosphates and nitrates as well as turbidity and the speed of the flow. We also carried out a 'kick test' to discover which invertebrates we could find living in the brook. We were interested to find different results on each day and we thought that this was most likely due to changes in the weather and rainfall. We later carried out similar tests in our own Forest School area ready to collate all of the data and draw some conclusions about the levels of pollution in our local rivers. Having found the levels to be high, we will be writing to our local MP to try to persuade him to take some action to improve the water quality. 

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IMG 0799

Year 3 and 4 visit to Kingham Lodge Sculpture Park

18th May 2023

Year 3 and 4 had a fabulous time this afternoon at Kingham Lodge where we explored the gardens to discover a huge array of sculptures exhibited for Arts Week. We were particularly excited to see our own work among that of the other professional artists! Earlier this term, every class in our school enjoyed a clay workshop and we all made dragons which you can now find, breathing smoke at Kingham Lodge. You can visit between 20th and 29th May, 2023 for free by booking a ticket on their website. 

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100 Days 2

100 Days of School

14th Mar 2023

Every morning in reception, the children count how many days we have been at school. On their first day, we shared our 100 square and explained how on the 100th day we would have a party to celebrate! 

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Story Museum 23

Story Museum Trip

4th Feb 2023

The children in Foundation Stage had a very exciting day on Thursday as they went to visit the Story Museum in Oxford. We left school around 10.30 and went to get on our bus. The children have been learning about where we live and comparing this to cities and so were excited to spot signs that we were approaching the city of Oxford! 

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Winter Birdwatching

24th Jan 2023

In KS1, we have been learning about birds in Forest School and Science! This ties in well to the RSPB Garden Birdwatch, which many of us have been keen to take part in this year. We have found that if we are very still and quiet in the Forest School area we can hear and see a range of birds including blackbirds and blue tits. We are getting better at identifying birds and have begun to identify their songs too! We also enjoyed setting up the wildlife camera, making birdfeeders, using binoculars and creating nests to use in our imaginative play.

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Map Work in KS1

22nd Jan 2023

In Geography, we have enjoyed using our giant floor map! It takes up the whole classroom! We have been considering the different countries, capital cities and exploring the location of human and physical features of the United Kingdom. Next, we will make comparisons of the UK with our focus country: Costa Rica.

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Snow 8

Fun in the Snow!

15th Dec 2022

We have had lots of fun in the snow and ice over the last week! We set up different ice experiments in our tuff trays and even created some ice art to hang in the trees. We watched closely to spot the first signs of melting. In the snow, we built snowmen, made snow angels and had snowball fights. A chilly but fantastic last week before the holidays!!

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International Week in FSU

24th Oct 2022

For International Week, Foundation Stage have been learning all about China. We learnt where China is and located it on a globe. We spent some time learning about pandas and how they are endangered. We then created our own art piece inspired by pandas. We learnt about the significance of the Chinese Dragon, the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors. We even had a go at writing our names in Chinese. On Monday we had a visit from Dancing Sally and created a dance to traditional Chinese music which we really enjoyed. On Wednesday we took part in a Samba Drumming workshop which was a highlight of the week. We ended our week with our 'Food Tasting Friday' event which the whole school participates in - we loved trying lots of foods from around the world! 

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Forest School in FSU

24th Oct 2022

The children in Foundation Stage have started Forest School this term and have had a fantastic time! They have learnt the boundaries of our site, how to keep safe and how to look out for risks. We have gone pond dipping, climbed trees, built hammocks, caught minibeasts and taken part in woodland crafts. Our last session before the holidays was having a fire and the children enjoyed toasting a marshmallow on the fire. We can't wait to go back to Forest School next term! 

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corinium 35

Year 3 and 4 Corinium Museum Visit

6th Jul 2022

The Lower Key Stage 2 children had a wonderful trip to The Corinuim Museum in Cirencester last week. We enjoyed finding the various mosaics in each gallery and also spotted some artefacts that we had looked at in our lessons in school. Each class was able to take part in a workshop led by staff from the museum which involved dressing up as Ancient Romans, learning about the food they used to eat, playing Ancient Roman games and pretending to be in 'mosaic school' honing our mosaic laying skills! It was a really fun and informative day. 

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