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Penguin Parade

13th Dec 2021

The children in Foundation Stage took part in their Penguin Parade today. They were sponsored by their friends and family to waddle around the field two times to raise money for Marie Curie. They also earned more sponsorship money by trying to impress their friends and family with penguin facts that they have been busy learning as part of our topic 'Where are the coldest places on Earth?'. The children did an amazing job and have raised over £250!! Well done Foundation Stage! 

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Sponsored Santa Run - KS1 Highlights

17th Dec 2020

The whole school enjoyed taking part in the sponsored Santa Run to raise money for Katherine House Hospice. Here are some highlights of the frosty morning when it was KS1's turn to race!
[embed width="600" height="338" class="leftAlone" thumbnail="https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/1017529065_640.jpg?r"]http://vimeo.com/492042381[/embed]

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Exciting English in KS1

7th Oct 2020

When we returned to school in September, children in KS1 were excited to find a letter in a bottle from Jack and Nancy, our story characters from the book of the same name by Quentin Blake. They informed us that they had been on an unexpected journey to a faraway island, after being blown away when a giant gust of wind caught their umbrella! We wondered how the letter had reached us and thought perhaps one of the parrots from the story had brought it. Children have been busy learning the story and using it as inspiration to write their own journey stories.

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stone age

Year 3/4 Stone Age

28th Sep 2020

We've had a fantastic start to the term in years 3 and 4 with our topic about the Stone Age.  We've learnt about what life was like in the 3 different periods of time within the Stone age: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic. We've made our own tools, drawn our own pictures inspired by cave paintings and created our own headdresses. 

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World Book Day 2020

11th Mar 2020

We had a fantastic World Book Day with lots of fun activities from making board games to book bingo. The potatoes brought in by children were amazing and the children enjoyed the parade despite the cold! 

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Open the Book Assembly

26th Feb 2020

The children adore Open the Book assemblies, which enhance their knowledge and understanding of the Bible stories. They are always so keen to participate and come up with really thoughtful ideas during reflection time.

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The Great Fire of London in KS1

13th Feb 2020

As a finale to our Great Fire of London topic, KS1 were excited to recreate the fire in Pudding Lane using the models we made earlier in the week. We were shocked to see how quickly it spread from the bakery (especially with the help of the wind)! Removing one of the models then helped us understand how exploding or pulling down the houses helped it to stop. 

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UKS2 Hockey and Rugby tournaments

12th Feb 2020

We sent 3 rugby and 2 hockey teams to the partnership tournaments this week. The children really enjoyed themselves despite the weather! They showed good sportsmanship and were thrilled with the results. One of our Year 6 teams won the tournament and the Year 5 team finished third. Well done Children!

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