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International Week in FSU

24th Oct 2022

For International Week, Foundation Stage have been learning all about China. We learnt where China is and located it on a globe. We spent some time learning about pandas and how they are endangered. We then created our own art piece inspired by pandas. We learnt about the significance of the Chinese Dragon, the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors. We even had a go at writing our names in Chinese. On Monday we had a visit from Dancing Sally and created a dance to traditional Chinese music which we really enjoyed. On Wednesday we took part in a Samba Drumming workshop which was a highlight of the week. We ended our week with our 'Food Tasting Friday' event which the whole school participates in - we loved trying lots of foods from around the world! 

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Forest School in FSU

24th Oct 2022

The children in Foundation Stage have started Forest School this term and have had a fantastic time! They have learnt the boundaries of our site, how to keep safe and how to look out for risks. We have gone pond dipping, climbed trees, built hammocks, caught minibeasts and taken part in woodland crafts. Our last session before the holidays was having a fire and the children enjoyed toasting a marshmallow on the fire. We can't wait to go back to Forest School next term! 

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corinium 35

Year 3 and 4 Corinium Museum Visit

6th Jul 2022

The Lower Key Stage 2 children had a wonderful trip to The Corinuim Museum in Cirencester last week. We enjoyed finding the various mosaics in each gallery and also spotted some artefacts that we had looked at in our lessons in school. Each class was able to take part in a workshop led by staff from the museum which involved dressing up as Ancient Romans, learning about the food they used to eat, playing Ancient Roman games and pretending to be in 'mosaic school' honing our mosaic laying skills! It was a really fun and informative day. 

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Wychwood Bake Off Round 2

10th Jun 2022

The second round took place yesterday. The judging panel was made up of our Year 6 school councillors and head judge Mrs Pratt - a governor and baker extraordinaire!

All the children did very well. Going through to the next round are:

Charlie- Key Stage 1
Charlotte- Lower Key Stage 2
Sofia- Upper Key Stage 2

The final will be a technical challenge which the three winners will have to bake in school next Thursday. It will be a muffins recipe - we will provide the ingredients and the equipment - and give them the recipe to practice over the weekend!

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IMG 0739

Wychwood Bake Off!

5th Jun 2022

We were all very excited for the return of the Wychwood Bake Off! Round 1 had the theme of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee: children were invited to make a sponge which celebrated the event. What a fantastic range of entries we had. The whole school enjoyed going to see all the cakes and the school council were particularly excited as they got to taste them as part of the judging! A winner has been chosen from each class to go through to the next round.IMG 0768IMG 0767IMG 0766IMG 0765IMG 0764IMG 0763IMG 0762IMG 0761IMG 0760IMG 0759IMG 0758IMG 0757IMG 0756IMG 0755IMG 0754IMG 0753IMG 0752IMG 0751IMG 0750IMG 0749IMG 0748IMG 0747IMG 0746IMG 0745IMG 0744IMG 0743IMG 0742IMG 0741IMG 0740IMG 0739IMG 0738IMG 0737IMG 0736IMG 0735IMG 0734IMG 0733IMG 0732IMG 0731IMG 0730IMG 0729IMG 0728IMG 0727IMG 0726IMG 0725IMG 0724IMG 0723IMG 0722IMG 0721IMG 0720IMG 0719IMG 0718IMG 0717IMG 0716IMG 0715IMG 0714IMG 0713IMG 0712IMG 0711IMG 0710IMG 0709IMG 0708IMG 0707IMG 0706IMG 0705IMG 0704IMG 0703IMG 0702IMG 0701IMG 0700IMG 0699IMG 0698IMG 0697IMG 0696IMG 0695IMG 0694IMG 0693

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IMG 1712

Woodworking in Foundation Stage

26th May 2022

We have had a busy term in Foundation Stage. The warmer weather has meant that we can open up our outdoor woodwork area again. As well as our outdoor area, we also have our indoor creative space where we can use the glue gun. Using real tools such as saws and hammers helps the children to develop lots of confidence. It is great for resilience too as well as helping us to developing our fine and gross motor skills. 

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IMG 6330

Roots to Food

24th Mar 2022

The children in upper key stage two really enjoyed making a Teriyaki Chicken dish whilst learning about its nutritional value. We learnt all about the foods used and the skills needed to prepare and cook a fantastic meal. It was an amazing experience. One of the most important parts was the tasting - the children loved it as it was so delicious and many said they want to make it again at home! 

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slime 16

Slime Workshop

17th Mar 2022

On Friday March 11th, as well as dressing up in yellow and blue and raising money for Ukraine, the children from Years 3 and 4 enjoyed a wonderful science workshop delivered by the Head of Science from Burford School, Mrs Davis, and some of her team. The children were enthralled by some jaw-dropping demonstrations and then had the chance to follow different recipes to make slime. They compared the properties of each batch of slime to decide on the best recipe (both of which have been uploaded to Seesaw if anyone is keen to recreate the experience at home). What an exciting way to end our week!

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Maya 1

Ancient Maya Workshop - LKS2

9th Mar 2022

The children in Year 3 and 4 really enjoyed the Ancient Maya Workshop last week. The session involved lots of drama and we learned all about Ancient Maya society, their religious beliefs and the importance of chocolate to the Ancient Maya people. 

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