14th September 2018

Theme of the Term: Cooperation

Dear Parents,

Please look out for our topic overviews for this term under the curriculum tab on the school website.

School Trips, Visitors and Special Events
Once a term in each class the teachers will be planning a trip, visitor and/or special event to help supplement the curriculum. In order for the school to do this we will be asking for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of these events. Our ability to plan and offer these experiences are dependent on the amount of contributions we receive. Over the past two years we have increasingly had to cover the costs with school funds. As many of you know, schools across the country are experiencing financial pressures and we are no different. We are asking that if you can, please make that voluntary contribution through www.parentpay.com so we can provide enhanced curriculum opportunities across the school. For any family who may find some costs prohibitive, please see me as there are a number of options we can explore including, payment plans and support from local charities. We will continue to do our utmost to provide value for money including free events but when we do request a contribution we would appreciate your support. Thank you.

Meet the teacher afternoons
The week beginning September 24th each class will be hosting a 20 minute session where you can meet your child’s teacher and find out about homework, reading, class routines and what the day entails for your child’s particular year group. During these meetings your children will be in assembly with me and returned to the classroom ready for home time. Dates for each phase are on the school calendar at https://wychwood-pri.oxon.sch.uk/ . If you cannot make these meetings, please check the school website under the phases tab for more information during the week beginning September 24th .

Learning Hero
Well done to Sasha who has been chosen as our first Learning Hero of the new year. Sasha found Roman Numerals quite challenging (having never seen them before) and has worked hard to challenge herself with completing a Step 3 task. Having returned from America, Sasha has settled in well and has such a can do attitude to learning!

Summer Reading Challenge
I know many children have taken part in the Summer Reading Challenge. If your child has a medal for completing the challenge, please send them in on Monday so we can celebrate their success in assembly.

A Summer of Swimming
At the start of the holidays we held a week of swimming lessons and with 47 children attending we raised over £600 for the school. It was a joy to see the progress these children made through the week.

The Wychwood pool members were able to make great use of our fabulous pool this year. If you think you might be interested in becoming a member and using the pool privately next summer, please save the date of the pool safety course which will be held on Saturday 18th (new members) and Sunday 19th (renewals) of May. Of course, more information will follow in the Spring Term. Many thanks to Sam Bevan for working so hard to make our Wychwood Pool such a success.

Birthday Book Donations
We would like to wish Charlie (Sycamore), Niko and William (Chestnut) and Reuben (Rowan) a wonderful birthday. We hope you enjoyed your day. Thank you for donating a birthday book to your class.

If you would like to donate a book to your class, please collect a donation sticker from the school office to stick your name and a message to your class in the book.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Joseph Rubba

Message from the School PTA

Please don't glaze over at the mere mention of the PTA. Those of you who haven't met us yet, to put a myth to rest, we are not a scary bunch of parents who leap on unsuspecting parents for cash, we don't bite, we just want the best for our children and their education! We are a group of parents whose aim is to work with Mr Rubba and the school to help raise extra funds to purchase equipment the school needs, or to fund activities that fall outside the school educational budget.

Another unpopular word you're probably thinking when you see PTA is COMMITMENT (groan). Well it's simple, there is none. Not everyone has the time to attend meetings on a regular basis and that's okay. You can help as little or as much as you like, for one event or all events. There is no expectation. We think that if everyone does a little bit that means we get to do more events and raise more money without too much pressure or strain on any one person.
Being part of the PTA not only helps the school, but it also builds parent friendships and can be a lot of fun - take it from someone who was pretty sceptical to start.

Give it a go, if volunteering just isn't your thing then we hope to see you at one of our events instead, because attending the events is just as important as organising them - and who doesn't like a jolly good night out?

Our Annual General Meeting is next Monday 17th September - I know! An AGM boring! It won't be! - This is our opportunity to share with you all the fantastic things the PTA have been up to over the past year. To let you know the amazing amount of money raised, to recognise the time and effort that you as parents have put in, and to meet some of the team.

If you've got some ideas or would like to join our team or would just like to know more, come along to a meeting anytime (dates will be posted in the Newsletter) or chat to Anna Hodgson or Philippa Weaver who are in the school playground most mornings for drop off or at pick up time (we won't be wearing special t-shirts, just ask around), or you can email Anna at hodgsonanna@yahoo.co.uk

We are putting together a list of Class Reps to be the contact between you and the school, they will create a class Whatsapp group which is the most useful tool ever! It is a great way for class parents to communicate reminders specific to your class, e.g. a bake sale reminder, non uniform day, etc. and or even organise a class night out. If you would like to be your Class Rep. please let us know.

The AGM starts at 7pm, in the Learning Zone at the school. Come through the main gates and the door on the right will be open. Everyone is welcome and again, by attending there is NO COMMITMENT going forward.

Look out for info about the next school disco and also a parents "night out" event coming soon!!

We look forward to seeing you soon.
Many thanks
Anna & Philippa & the team