Eco Council

The Eco Council is an ideal opportunity for our pupils to get more involved in the way Wychwood Primary School is run and help it to be environmentally friendly. At Wychwood, we believe that we all need to take responsibility for our own actions and have a sense of duty and care for the world in which we live and the Eco Council plays a key role in promoting and achieving this.

Who can be an eco councillor?
At the start of each school year, children who would like to be part of the Eco Council put together a short speech to inform their classmates of why they want to be a councillor and what they would like to achieve. Each class then holds a vote and then there will be one member to represent each class. 

What do we do?
We start our first meeting in September by completing eco reviews which then inform the areas we would like to improve throughout the school year. This year, we are trying to improve biodiversity, litter and waste. The rest of the year is then spent working on introducing new initiatives or improving current ones to try and make our school as environmentally friendly as possible. We regularly film videos to raise awareness which are then shared in each class, we have run whole school days linked to a particular area of focus and we always try to promote making conscious choices in regards to the environment. See below for information about our previous meetings and what took place. 


Meeting 04.02.2022:

We discussed the weakest areas on our environmental review and chose these areas as our main points to focus on improving across this year. These were waste, litter and biodiversity. We came up with an action point and discussed different ideas to improve each of these areas. Our first action is to run a 'book swap' on World Book Day. 

Meeting 31.04.2022:

We planned our assembly which is all about litter. We decided what we wanted to say to the school and decided to share information about the impact litter can have as well as ways we can make sure we do not litter. We created a PowerPoint and wrote our own lines. We also came up with the idea of a litter picking competition as we wanted to take part in the Great British Tidy Up. We are excited to see how much litter the whole school can collect over the Easter holidays! 

Meeting 12.05.2022

We met today to plan what to do for 'Walk to School' week. We decided to have a whole school competition to see which class has the most walkers. That class will be rewarded with an extra long playtime. We created posters to put up around the school to advertise the event. We also had a delivery of two large bins to recycle crisp packets and whiteboard pens and so we decided where these should be kept and let the staff know to not throw these away but instead, recycle them. 

Please click on the link below which will take you to our Eco library. You can hear different teachers read books about environmental issues and ways we can help the world. Enjoy!