Year 3 and 4 Geography River Field Trip

Elm, Maple and Oak classes have enjoyed two geography field trips this term. We visited the Littlestock Brook and the River Evenlode, testing the water for phosphates and nitrates as well as turbidity and the speed of the flow. We also carried out a 'kick test' to discover which invertebrates we could find living in the brook. We were interested to find different results on each day and we thought that this was most likely due to changes in the weather and rainfall. We later carried out similar tests in our own Forest School area ready to collate all of the data and draw some conclusions about the levels of pollution in our local rivers. Having found the levels to be high, we will be writing to our local MP to try to persuade him to take some action to improve the water quality. 

Our thanks to Wild Oxfordshire and the Evenlode Catchment Partnership who helped us enormously with these trips and with resources for us to use back in school.