Sports Day

On Monday 17th July, we held our schools Sports Day; everyone took part from Foundation Stage to Year 6. There were a range of activities including: Rugby, Netball, Hockey and an Obstacle Race. The four houses (Kite, Kestrel, Merlin and Peregrine) each were divided into six teams with a team captain and vice captain. It was great fun and we enjoyed working with all different ages as a team! The results were added up over lunch time and revealed in a whole school assembly. Merlin 6 came third with a total of 295, Peregrine came second with a total of 348 and Kestrel 5 won with a total of 359. Well done to everyone that took part!

Both Upper and Lower Key Stage 2 then ran an additional competitive sports day in the afternoon. We had the chance to earn house points in races, throwing events and jumping events.

LKS2 Results: 1st Merlin, 2nd Kestrel, 3rd Kite, 4th Peregrine.

UKS2 Results: 1st Kestrel, 2nd Peregrine, 3rd Kite, 4th Merlin.

By Abi and Harvery


Thank you to all staff for their help with the running of the event and the success of another Sports Day.

Mrs Bowden