Every Friday we celebrate the achievements made by the children during our Achievement Assembly.  We celebrate and acknowledge academic progress, hard work and success in and out of school.  We also choose a Learning Hero every week, someone who exhibits one of our school values and commitment to improvement.  Congratulations to the children who have been chosen.



Friday 2nd October 2020

Achievement Awards
Maia – Silver Birch
Noah – Willow
Oscar – Sycamore
Amelie - Oak
Millie - Elm
Alex - Maple
Sophie - Chestnut
Max - Rowan
George H - Cherry

Stars of the Week
Maria – Silver Birch
Elsie – Willow
Grace – Sycamore
Samuel – Oak
Sophie- Elm
Agnes – Maple
Archie – Chestnut
Laura – Rowan
Isabel – Cherry

Learning Heroes
Theo – Silver Birch
Lily – Willow
Daisy – Sycamore
Tyler – Oak
Issy – Elm
Martha M – Maple
Jess – Chestnut
George W – Rowan
Josh - Cherry