Lower KS2

DT projects

6th Sep 2019

We had a fantastic start to the term designing, making and evaluating an Ancient Egyptian irrigation tool, known as the Shaduf. The children worked with much enthusiasm and enjoyed seeing their products work effectively. 

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WW2 2019 15

Treachery at Traitors' Quay

5th Apr 2019

The children of Y3 and Y4 wowed audiences this week, with their musical production of Treachery at Traitors' Quay. The children demonstrated their amazing knowledge of WW2, fantastic acting skills and some fabulous singing and dancing.

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Wow WW2 24

WOW World War Two Day!

25th Feb 2019

Year 3 and 4 have launched into their new topic of World War 2 today. They have designed propaganda posters, sent Morse code messages using a lightbulb and a circuit and danced the jitterbug!

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LKS2 Science Rocks!

14th Nov 2018

LKS2 are finding out about the different types of rocks and how they are formed. In Science this week Maple class made sedimentary and Igneous rocks. The children used  a range of foods to construct the layers of sedimentary rock and observed chocolate melting to form igneous rock.

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