Explorer Day 8

Explorer Day

16th Dec 2019

Today all of KS1 were out in the school grounds taking part in 'Explorer Day'. We wrapped up warm and participated in the following activities; den building, fire making with marshmallows and hot chocolate, team building games and orienteering style activities. It was a lovely way to finish our topic this term and we had a lovely time despite the cold weather! 

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IMG 5794

Wild Garden Trip 2019

2nd Jun 2019

What a fantastic morning at the Wild Gardens for Outdoor Learning Day! The children went on a treasure hunt looking for different plants, sketched plants, made leaf and bark rubbings and made up their own short poem in small groups. Thank you to all of the parents who were able to accompany us on this trip.

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Bean Investigation

30th Apr 2019

This term we are looking at plants and what they need to grow. We decided to plant runner beans and keep them under 4 different conditions to see what a bean needs to grow successfully into a bean stalk.

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Space 26

Space Dome 2019

5th Apr 2019

Key Stage 1 children had a fantastic morning on Thursday. A giant dome had appeared in the hall and, one by one, we crawled through a tunnel lit by fairylights to find our spot inside. When the show began, the children were treated to an immersive slide and light show with music and wonderful explanation from the Explorer Dome team. We enjoyed finding out about space and looked at the constellations we can see in the night sky while hearing some of the stories these stars have inspired over the years. Ask your children if they can tell you how Orion and his dog Sirius ended up in the sky. What a great way to end our space topic!

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chance to shine 4

Chance to Shine Cricket

25th Mar 2019

We had a fantastic afternoon with Zoe from Chance to Shine Cricket. All the children in KS1 had a wonderful time learning and developing their throwing and catching skills as well as batting and balancing skills. 

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IMG 4643

Space Wow Day!

27th Feb 2019

We've had such a fantastic start to our Space project this term. The children have been thinking about what they want to find out about this term, as well as learning about day and night with the help of Buzz Lightyear. They have also worked together in groups to create fantastic posters about the planets; learning the names of the planets, facts about the planets and what order they orbit the sun.

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gardening 21

Key Stage 1 gardening

5th Nov 2018

Key Stage 1 were busy doing some gardening last week. We weeded our planters and planted some spring bulbs and winter bedding. The children discussed what they thought would happen to the plants over the winter. Some children thought the plants might die and others thought they may survive the frosty weather ahead. We are all looking forward to checking for signs of growth over the months to come. Feel free to have a look at what we planted and let us know when you spot any shoots!

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