drumming 41

Drumming workshop

25th May 2018

We had such a fantastic end to the term, learning an South African Gumboot Dance, a call and response song from Ghana as well as participating in an African Drumming workshop on Djembes. The children had a fantastic day and it was lovely to see so many parents for our little performance at the end.

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fruit 5

Fruit Tasting

17th May 2018

We've had a fantastic term in science trying new fruits from different parts of Africa, as well as designing our own fruit salads and writing instructions on how to make them. 

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African Talk

11th May 2018

We really enjoyed our talk from Mandy, who talked to us about the school she has been working with in Uganda. We will be fundraising for the school next term. 

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BS 31

Big Science

3rd Apr 2018

We had a lot of fun carrying out our 'Big Science' investigations. We discussed how to make them a fair test and also made predictions before carrying out the experiments. 

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IMG 1500

Tea Party

3rd Apr 2018

The children had a fantastic tea party! They have worked so hard this term and it was a fantastic way to showcase all of their work. Thank you to all of the parents who came to taste the children's baking. 

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WG 114

Trip to the Wild Gardens

15th Mar 2018

We had a fantastic trip to the Wild Gardens where the children searched for micro habitats and minibeasts. We were extremely lucky with the weather and the children seemed to enjoy the mud! :) Thank you to all of our parent helpers for making this trip possible. 

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Gardening ready for Spring

5th Nov 2017

Key Stage One have been working hard in the garden this week. We have been digging up weeds and plants that have died over, planting lovely bulbs ready for spring and putting in some bright and cheerful winter bedding plants. The garden is now looking wonderful! 

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