Home Learning Reading Comprehensions for UKS2

Please find below reading comprehensions for years 5 and 6.

Captain Tom Moore Reading Comprehension:

This week you can select from a reading comprehension about Captain Tom Moore (three levels of challenge from 1 to 3 stars) or you could choose to do some SATs revision mats (although the SATs would have been over by now had we done them). There is a mat for fiction, one for non-fiction and one for poetry. I have also included some guidance about the question types and how to use the mats. The answers are included with each activity so your child can check their own work.


VE Day Reading Comprehension:

Here is a reading comprehension you may wish to use this week. It focuses on VE Day and is available in three levels of challenge from 1 to 3 stars. Answers are also included so your child can self-assess.


Greta Thunberg Reading Comprehension:

Download this reading comprehension for your child to have a go at. There's no need to print it if you don't have access to a printer. Simply read the text and answer the questions on a piece of paper or your exercise book. There are three versions of the text and related questions. One star is the easiest and three stars is the most challenging. Select whichever is most appropriate for your child. Answers are also included.

60-second Reads:

Here are four different 60 second reads for your child to access. There is also a document explaining the types of question that are being asked. The idea is that the children spend one minute doing an initial read of the text and then spend more time answering the questions and re-reading the text to find the answers. The answers are also included with each document so that the children can check their work when they have completed the task.