This week the children in Foundation Stage have had a very exciting week learning about 'Supertato'.

At the beginning of the week we read the 'Supertato' story and during their group work the children used real potatoes to make their own Supertato's. On Thursday the children arrived at school to find that the evil pea had been and trapped some vegetables, drawn on the broccoli's face and stuck carrot to the wall. On Friday the children found out that the evil pea had been back again and had kidnapped the carrots and frozen them in a bowl of water. The children were very keen to rescue the vegetables and catch the evil peas! They have had a great time, mashing peas, catching peas with tweezers and creating their own supertato pictures. 

Bel said that her favourite activity was "Hunting for evil peas". 

Mervyn said "I liked making supertato".