Supertato and Chinese New Year

The children in Foundation Stage have had a very exciting week learning about 'Supertato' and 'Chinese New Year'. 


At the beginning of the week we read the 'Supertato' story and used real potatoes to make our own Supertato's. On Thursday the children arrived at school to find that the evil pea had been and trapped some vegetables, drawn on the broccoli's face and stuck the carrot to the wall. The children wrote their own speech bubbles for the vegetables. On Friday the children found out that the evil pea had been back again and had kidnapped the carrots and frozen them in a bowl of water. The children were very keen to rescue the vegetables and hunt down the evil pea!


On Thursday afternoon we were very lucky to have a visit from Mr and Mrs Handley who helped us to learn about Chinese New Year. Mrs Handley began by reading the children a story all about Chinese New Year, explaining why and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. The children had a great time making and eating their dumplings, creating lanterns and using chopsticks to pick up raisins. They also enjoyed creating cards and having a go at writing 'Happy New Year' in Chinese. 

When talking about the Chinese New Year story that Mrs Handley read to us Henry said "The old lady used the fireworks and red paper to scare away the evil dragon".