Living Eggs - Chicks

Last Tuesday our 10 eggs arrived at school. The children were very excited by their arrival and sat by the incubator eagerly waiting for the first egg to hatch. We were all surprised to find that when we got to school on Wednesday four of the chicks had hatched overnight! There was more action with the eggs on Wednesday as there was ‘pipping in some of the other eggs and the children were lucky enough to see one of the chicks hatching out!

We have thoroughly enjoyed having 9 chicks to look after over the last week. They certainly enjoy their food and have grown very quickly! The children have been very helpful with cleaning out the chicks, feeding them and making sure that they have got water. Many of the children have also spent time handling the chicks this week.

The children have absolutely loved looking after the chicks and watching them grow! 
Molly said “They were so cute”.
Tara said “I liked holding the chicks”.
Magnus said “I liked them flapping their wings in my hands”.
Eleanor said “I liked cleaning the chick’s house”.