International Week 2018 - Italy

During international week the children in Foundation Stage were busy learning all about Italy!

In the classroom the children had lots of fun making pizzas and creating models of the learning tower of Pisa. They also enjoyed creating volcano pictures and painting Italy flags. We also had fun learning some basic Italian and singing 'Ring a Ring-o Roses' in Italian. We invited some of the children's older siblings to teach us about the language that they speak at home, so the children got to learn some Polish with Oscar and Niko and they were taught some Portuguese and Lithuanian by Maria, Thomas and Lukas. 

We were very lucky to have a lot of visitors in school during international week. The children listened to stories told by storyteller John Harris and learnt a dance with Dancing Sally. They had great fun and showed some good rhythmn and listening skills during their samba drumming workshop. We also went on a trip to St Mary's church. During this trip the children spent time exploring the outside of the church and doing some observational drawings. Inside the church the children learnt about the stain glass windows, explored the pulpit and learnt about the font. The children were very brave and climbed up a spiral staircase to go to the very top of the bell tower where they got to see the clock.

It was a very busy and exciting week to finish off the children's first term at school!