Firefighter and Police Officer Visit

The children in Foundation Stage have had a very exciting week with visits from firefighters, police officers and a vet with her dog. Our visitors have spoken to the children about how they help people/animals and have answered lots of questions about their jobs. 

The firefighters brought a fire engine along with them and the children had a great time looking inside all of the lockers and getting into the fire engine. They also got to spray one of the hose pipes. 

"I loved it when I got to be a firefighter". Matias

"I sprayed water like a real firefighter". Sophie 

The police officers let the children sit in the front of their police car and press the 999 button to turn the blue flashing lights on and off. The children were also allowed to try on parts of the police officers uniform and hold their handcuffs. 

"I liked seeing the police car because I liked turning on and off the flashing lights". Harriett

"I liked being in the police car. It was so cool because I could put the lights on". Kody 

It has been a great week and the children have learnt lots about different people who help us!