Dinosaur Hunt

This week we began our dinosaur topic by going on a dinosaur hunt. The children thoroughly enjoyed searching for clues that had been left by a dinosaur and have been spending time recording the clues. We have also been learning the story of ‘We’re Going on a Dinosaur Hunt’.

The children have loved sharing what they already know about dinosaurs and asking questions about what they would like to find out about dinosaurs. In the art area they have been busy creating a dinosaur land using papier mache. They seem very excited about our dinosaur topic and we are looking forward to the exciting activities that we have got planned!

When talking about the dinosaur hunt the children said:
Grace R “I liked it because I found eggs and a nest”.
Chloe “We found foot print and scratches”.
Harrison H “My favourite part was looking after the eggs. We built nests with sticks and leaves”.
Henry “The dinosaur hunt was fun”.