Foundation Stage

Little Red Hen 37

The Little Red Hen

12th Oct 2018

Over the last two weeks the children in Foundation Stage have been busy learning to retell the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. They have learnt the story using actions and performed the story to their parents. This week we have also been making changes to the story - Ash class created a story called 'The Little Pink Pig' and Hazel class created a story called 'The Giant Orange Duck'.

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IMG 3335

Living Eggs - Chicks

18th May 2018

Last Tuesday our 10 eggs arrived at school. The children were very excited by their arrival and sat by the incubator eagerly waiting for the first egg to hatch. We were all surprised to find that when we got to school on Wednesday four of the chicks had hatched overnight! There was more action with the eggs on Wednesday as there was ‘pipping in some of the other eggs and the children were lucky enough to see one of the chicks hatching out!

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