Class Information

Wychwood Teaching Staff 2022

Foundation Stage

Reception Ash - Mrs Kim Niner and Mrs Natalie Roberts 

Reception Hazel - Miss Kirsty Sleight and Mrs Natalie Roberts

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Sarah King, Mrs Becky Dore, Mrs Ros Hoare and Miss Jessica Todd


Key Stage 1

 Year 2 Sycamore - Miss Gwen Jenkins supported by Mrs Amy Fox

Year 1/2 Silver Birch - Mrs Sian Wheatley supported by Miss Anita Sandy and Mrs Tara Keen

Year 1/2 Willow - Mrs Kristie Maunoury and Mrs Nathalie Roberts supported by Miss Holly Prew


Key Stage 2

Year 3/4 Elm - Miss Katie Jackson supported by Mrs Rachel Carter

Year 3/4 Oak - Mrs Katy Gent  supported by Mrs Jill Hoadley

Year 3/4 Maple - Mrs Anne Finch and Mrs Sarah Napper supported by Miss Anna Cavendish

Year 5 Chestnut - Mr Oliver Leader supported by Mrs Tracey Cooper

Year 6 Rowan - Miss Heather Rumsby supported by Mrs Kath Williamson and Mrs Glenys James

Year 6 Cherry - Mrs Rachel Stratford and Mrs Sally Barrett supported by Mrs Jackie Hollier 


HLTA - Mrs Marie Banks


Headteacher - Mr Joseph Rubba

Deputy Headteacher - Miss Kirsty Sleight

Business Manager - Mrs Julie Hemming

Administrative Assistant - Mrs Alison Witts


If as a child, you need to contact Childline for any reason please see the link below.