Every Friday we celebrate the achievements made by the children during our Achievement Assembly.  We celebrate and acknowledge academic progress, hard work and success in and out of school.  We also choose a Learning Hero every week, someone who exhibits one of our school values and commitment to improvement.  Congratulations to the children who have been chosen.


Friday 24th January 2020

Achievement Awards

Sophie (Silver Birch) – for fantastic contributions to whole class discussions.
Grace (Willow) – for working so hard on her writing, particularly her handwriting.
Myrtle (Sycamore) – for excellent engagement in English this week.
Isabelle (Oak) – for supreme effort and concentration to produce a fabulous piece of writing!
Ava (Elm) – for working hard and taking such care with her homework, which was outstanding!
Alexander (Maple) – for gaining the confidence to write an amazing fable, using exciting language, a clear structure and neat handwriting.
Samuel (Chestnut) – for his amazing attention to detail in his artwork and being a great teacher.
Sasha (Rowan) – for writing a fantastic diary entry from the point of view of a crayon!
Olivia (Cherry) – for great imaginative writing based on a diary entry for a ruler!

Stars of the Week
Cameron (Chestnut), Lydia (Cherry), Sadie (Rowan), Ted (Elm),
Boo (Maple), Matias (Silver Birch), George (Sycamore), Sophia (Willow)
and Rowan (Oak)

Learning Hero of the Week
Riley (Elm)
Georgie (Sycamore), Charlotte (Silver Birch), William (Cherry),
Jamie (Rowan), Millie (Oak), Martha (Elm), Lexie (Chestnut)
and Mervyn (Sycamore)