Every Friday we celebrate the achievements made by the children during our Achievement Assembly.  We celebrate and acknowledge academic progress, hard work and success in and out of school.  We also choose a Learning Hero every week, someone who exhibits one of our school values and commitment to improvement.  Congratulations to the children who have been chosen.



Friday 13th March 2020

Achievement Awards

Samuel (Silver Birch) – for working so incredibly hard on your story writing. The best piece of writing you have ever done!!
Sophie (Willow) – for trying so hard in your independent writing this week.
Grace (Sycamore) – for concentrating well on her learning, especially when doing some independent maths.
Lexi (Oak) – for fantastic participation in all our rehearsals.
Millie (Elm) – for constant positive attitudes towards any task and any lesson, also showing great improvements in reading.
Martha (Maple) – for working really hard to understand fractions of amounts.
Erin (Chestnut) – for fabulous concentration and determination with challenging work on subtracting fractions.
Amber (Rowan) – for using dialogue skilfully to create a moving backstory for a character.
Rufus (Cherry) – for great editing skills! Taking time to improve his writing.

Stars of the Week
Adrianna (Maple), Olivia (Cherry), Tom (Rowan), Luca (Chestnut), Sophia (Silver Birch), Tobias (Oak), Timothy (Maple), Daisy (Willow)
and Ben (Sycamore)

Learning Hero of the Week
Emily (Oak)
Felix (Sycamore), Eboni (Silver Birch), Sammy (Chestnut), Eddie (Rowan), Edward (Cherry), Cillian (Elm), Amy (Maple)
and Abbie (Willow)