Every Friday we celebrate the achievements made by the children during our Achievement Assembly.  We celebrate and acknowledge academic progress, hard work and success in and out of school.  We also choose a Learning Hero every week, someone who exhibits one of our school values and commitment to improvement.  Congratulations to the children who have been chosen.



Friday 29th March 2019

Achievement Awards

Martha (Silver Birch) – for working above and beyond in all your work this week.
Tommy (Willow) – for being such an enthusiastic, happy and excited member of Willow Class.
Tyler (Sycamore) – for working really hard in maths and making great progress.
Nathan (Oak) – for an amazing Power Point on pigeons in WW2, delivered confidently to the class.
Joseph (Elm) – for amazing contributions during our discussions in RE about temptation.
Theo (Maple) – for enthusiastic contribution and effort in all areas of the curriculum over the term.
Edward (Chestnut) – for a fantastic attitude to tackling assessments. Great concentration and perseverance.
Leo (Rowan) – for having a great, positive attitude in the class assembly and for performing his French fantastically.
Isabelle (Cherry) – for some great writing. Putting a lot of effort into vocabulary and expression.


Stars of the Week

Foxx (Rowan), Oliver (Cherry), Ella Mae (Chestnut), Beau (Elm), Sam (Maple)
Millie (Sycamore), Joshua (Willow) and Tobias (Oak)

Learning Hero of the Week
Tara (Willow)
Martha (Sycamore), Amy (Maple), Jack (Rowan), Louis (Chestnut), Sophie (Elm), Will (Oak), Pippa (Silver Birch) and Monty (Cherry)