School Council

The school council represents the views of all students in the school; from Foundation Stage to Year 6. Each September, every class elects two representatives to be members of the school council.

The school council play an important role in the running of the school. We meet at least twice each term with Miss Adams to discuss class issues, how to raise money for projects and how we can improve our school. From these meetings the School Councillors feedback to their classes and at the end of the school year we evaluate what we have achieved.

So what have we done?

What are we doing?

This term we have some exciting upcoming events!

- Scooting Day (25th May 2017)

- Bake Off (Round 1: End of Term 5 - letter with more detail coming soon!)

- Wychwood's got Talent! (Term 6)

What can we do to make our school a better place?

If you have a good idea or have a concern about something in school please talk to your class representative and they will bring it to the next School Council meeting.

How can you become a school councillor?

At the start of each school year your class teacher will organise an election. Put together a short speech as to why you want to be a school councillor and what you think you could do to help improve our school. Hopefully you will win enough votes from your class to become a school councillor. Good Luck!

2016 – 2017

This year’s School Councillors are:

FSU – Jools Williams and Ted Wilden

Sycamore – Tobias Coombes and Millie Adams

Silver Birch – Archie Logue and Becky Childs

Willow – Luca Arnold and Libby Ensor

Oak – Beatrix Rose-Leahy and William Ayres

Elm – Zelah Rand and Edward Harper

Maple – Max Biles and Jessica Hollier

Chestnut – Wenna Rhodes and Oliver Bellars

Rowan – Nadia Allen and  Fin Docherty

Cherry – Maisie Hodgkinson and Ted Withey