Upper KS2

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Y6 Science fun

6th Feb 2018

Year 6 are still on their unit of 'Let's get Moving' and have been enjoying more practical lessons. Over the last fortnight they have looked at friction and water resistance.

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DT Day

17th Oct 2017

On Wednesday 11th October, UKS2 had a D.T day. We brought together our reading and art and made our own Charlotte's Web. At first it was quite tricky but once we got the hang of it, it became easier. We had to paint our boards in preparation for the day so that they were dry. We used hammers and nails to pin point the web. Threading the string was difficult until you got used to the pattern. Making our own Charlottes was challenging but they look great. All looked different but that was ok. It was good fun and we are really pleased with the result.

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Designing Dinosaurs

26th May 2017

As part of our Science unit, UKS2 had the opportunity to make their own dinosaurs. The children had to create a name to match its features and qualities before being given the challenge of using clay.  Once created they had to write about their dinosaur making sure to explain its appearance, habitat and diet. The children had a great time making these dinosaurs and of course made sure they made as much mess as possible!

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Becoming Palaeontologists...

12th May 2017

Last week the children learnt about Mary Anning and her interesting discoveries. As part of this unit the children discussed the great qualities needed when becoming a palaeontologist and then put themselves to the test. Their challenge was to excavate the chocolate chips from a cookie!

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