Every Friday we celebrate the achievements made by the children during our Achievement Assembly.  We celebrate and acknowledge academic progress, hard work and success in and out of school.  We also choose a Learning Hero every week, someone who exhibits one of our school values and commitment to improvement.  Congratulations to the children who have been chosen.


Friday 13th October 2017

Achievement Awards

Becky (Silver Birch) – for writing an outstanding set of instructions in your Time to Write!

Rosie (Willow) – for making great progress in your writing. You are working really hard!

Thea (Sycamore) – for an amazing attitude towards her writing this week!

Toby (Oak) – for demonstrating confidence and accuracy in his Maths work this term

Joseph (Elm) – for some fantastic work in Maths

Thea (Maple) – for a fantastic set of instructions using effective imperatives, subtitles and time connectives explaining “how to build a pyramid” with lots of added helpful hints

Lillian (Chestnut) – for her very atmospheric description called “The Rough Sea”

Alfie (Rowan) – for fantastic sportsmanship, teamwork and great skill in hockey. You were fantastic!

Isabella (Cherry) – for a very powerful, evocative description of a setting. Great use of language!

Stars of the Week

Lucas (Chestnut), Phoebe (Rowan), Jack (Maple), Tessa (Cherry), Lola (Elm), Imogen(Oak), Charlie (Sycamore), Lexi (S. Birch)

and Tobias (Willow)

Learning Hero of the Week

Hope (Silver Birch)

Ollie (Cherry), Oliver (Chestnut), Luke (Rowan), Louis (Maple),

Alfie (Oak), Leo (Elm, Percy (Willow),

and Martha (Sycamore)